Who’s Really Doing Your Mother’s Day Flowers?

Author: Karyn Brooke

This is a really sensitive subject for me. It has to be because I love what I do and I love flowers. I love florists……true, local hard working florists. All of us just want our customers to be happy. Flowers are the vehicles we use to say “We’re so very sorry for your loss” or “Welcome into your new home!” How about “Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mother’s Day!” There it is…..Mother’s Day. For some florists it’s the single biggest day of the year. With children scattered all across the country a mother looks for forward to hearing from her children on Mother’s Day. It’s the day we all say thanks for putting up with us, thanks for taking care of us, thanks for being our mom. It’s pretty important. It’s so important that you should know who is actually doing the flowers you’re sending to your mom.
The internet is not helping you with this. You might google “florists in Kansas City” but the first 5 fall under “ads” and not one of them is a KC florist. The rest are order gathers. There’s no Ava’s Flowers in Kansas City. I promise you there’s not. The term ‘order gather’ was coined several years ago to describe floral service marketers, both real and virtual, that aggressively promote the sale of flower arrangements which they intend to broker to local florists for fulfillment, primarily via affiliations with national florist wire services like FTD and Teleflora. Broker: To get some of the money you thought was going towards your purchase. By the way that’s not a Webster definition, it’s mine.
We spend our Saturday afternoons answering the phone telling 2 out of every 4 phone calls “no”. It’s an order gatherer that is allowed to use the major floral wire service we belong to (Teleflora) to funnel orders through. We don’t accept orders from them. Why? It’s because they sell things they don’t have. (At least the giant Amazon sells things they have.) They use city specific websites that confuse consumers and ultimately it’s not in the buyer’s best interest. There are hidden fees, vague information, etc. I could on for hours. Go on. Kick the soapbox out from under me. If you want an informative read and some tips www.floristdetective.com/
I’m not asking I’m actually begging that you make sure when you are ordering flowers you give it the same attention your mother gave raising you and send her beautiful flowers from a real florist. Do a little bit of homework. Yelp is an awesome tool in finding local florists. Google is an awesome tool if you use it properly. If you google Florist in 64145 zip code and scroll past the order gathers you will eventually get to real florists who deliver to that zip code. If you want someone in that zip code it’s a little harder to find. Yelp.com allows you scroll down and see each individual listing with their shop address and zip code on the right.
Order early. Order from a Real Florist. Please.

Karyn Brooke AIFD CFD

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