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Amaryllis and Roses

Starting at $65

A loose arrangement of roses and amaryllis in a clear glass vase with winter greens and berries. Perfect for a table or desk.

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Flowers are Always a Good Idea


    Quick pick me ups are weekly specials that are available for purchase online but must be picked up in-store. Since there is no delivery available on these orders, we do need 3 hours from the time of your order before it will be ready for pickup. Don’t forget we close at 6pm M-F.

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    A beautiful blend of pink, orange, green and white; this arrangement will show your true love something special. The fresh roses come alive amongst the subtle greenery and complementary flowers.

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    Rustic Meadow is a great Summer arrangement that features many flowers Kansas is known for including the yellow sunflower. This rustic arrangement includes a box setting.

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A Few Words From a Florist

Quick Pick Me Ups
Author: Karyn Brooke

We take flowers really seriously at Sidelines and that’s because we know the power the flowers- flowers are emotional….   flowers make people happy, decrease anxiety and spark creativity.  Research also suggests that people who send flowers are considered to be more thoughtful and sophisticated!

Every day we create our Quick Pick Me Ups and place them by the shops front door.  At $20.00 they are an affordable luxury just waiting to make someone’s day ready and waiting to make someone smile!

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