Quick Pick Me Ups

Author: Karyn Brooke

We take flowers seriously at Sidelines and that’s because we know the power of flowers- flowers are emotional.   It’s no doubt we all remember receiving flowers whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, it gives you a moment of pause to take it all in from the thoughtfulness of the sender to the beauty of the flowers themselves.  There are so many ways to touch people with flowers and research studies from Harvard, Rutgers and Texas A&M prove that flowers make people happy, decrease anxiety and spark creativity.  Research also suggests that people who send flowers are considered to be more thoughtful and sophisticated!  

One of my fondest memories of receiving flowers was several years ago when my mother passed away.  A florist friend of mine sent to the service an amazing vase of flowers perfect for me to take home which I did.   To this day the vase is in my guest bathroom and I fill it every time we have house guests to make them feel as important as she made me feel.

Every day we create our Quick Pick Me Ups and place them by the shops front door.  At $20.00 they are an affordable luxury just waiting to make someone’s day ready and waiting to make someone smile!

Here’s a flower challenge, buy one for yourself!  Imagine the last thing you see when you go to bed is a beautiful little floral on your bedside table and then waking up to see it again as you start your day.

Karyn Brooke AIFD CFD